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About Sky Green

India’s largest electrical and electronic waste assets management company and clean-tech pioneer , Sky Green actively promotes eco-friendly reuse and recycling of electronics . As India’s only end to end E-Waste recycler and metal extraction company, we aim to turn today’s waste into sustainable resources for tomorrow. We have already set up state of art recycling facility for recovering reusable resources from E-Waste in an eco-friendly manner. To facilitate collection of E-Waste from all across the country , Sky Green Waste has also set up one of the largest reverse logistics network. Sky Green Recycling Management waste has started working from Meerut-UP , as a “IT waste,Electrical and Electronic waste, Metals, Battery , Hazardous, Plastic ,Ferrous and non Ferrous waste , all type of Cable/Wire waste & Other waste recycler in Meerut-UP “.

E-Waste management has become one of the primary concerns as the ever increasing number of devices that human life has to rely on is increasing day by day , making with highly essential to manage E-waste in sustainable and greener way. With there hard work and highly dedication towards the work , Sky Green enlarge their work in up as “ Electrical and Electronic Waste recycler in Meerut-UP “. When we buy new smart phones , laptops, cameras , we never think about our old devices , what should be the right way to dispose them without causing harm to environment , how do we recycle them so that they get a new lease of life and are revolved back again in the economy.

“E-Waste recyclers in UP”. Disposing an old device has severe impact on the environment as well as human life, as the contain various semiconductors or elements that are compose of harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium, beryllium or even brominated flame retardants . hence before you dispose your old device , think of the impact it would create and how many lives it will endanger. Sky Green specializes in end of life Electrical and Electronic recycling, the process by which obsolete Electrical and Electronic devices are dismantled an d separated into clean , reusable commodities. Sky Green is able to efficiently and effectively process large volumes of end of life electronics (also known as e waste ) utilizing automated recycling equipment and cutting edge technology.

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