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Asset Management

With rapid changes in technology and a mounting electrical and electronic waste burden, businesses today need to consider a safe and responsible way to recycle and dispose outdated IT assets. With one-stop integrated asset management solutions, Sky Green enables clients to retire end-of-life technology equipment in an environmentally friendly and compliant manner.

Navigating through the regulations and government agencies for electrical and electronic waste management can be complicated, challenging and costly. As fully compliant electrical and electronic waste Management Solution Provider,Sky Green understands that dealing with end-of-life technology assets is a hassle for companies. We also understand that each company has unique needs. Serving more and more corporate entities across India, we help businesses protect their data and recycle old IT assets with customized electrical and electronic waste management solutions in accordance with regulatory requirements.

As a one-stop solution provider, Sky Green has a full suite of asset management solutions from logistics, packaging, storage, inventory and data destruction to recycling and disposal of end‐of‐life technology assets. Sky Green enables clients to extract value from a wide variety of obsolete IT equipment. This could range from computers, handhelds, tablet PCs, bar code scanners, printers, LCD monitors, CRTs and servers

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