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Solutions per requirement:

Our Electrical and Electronic assets management is customized treatments to ensure eradication of E-Scarp from our environment. Therefore, we are aprreciated globally as one of the best “IT waste,Electrical and Electronic waste, Metals,All type of Batterys , Hazardous, Plastic , all type of Cable/Wire waste & Other Waste recycling companies in India.

We also follow the global standards for data destruction and uninstalling of Electrical and Electronic assests.Our team of experts also apply the international standards to assess the resale value of E-Waste assests.

Easy Collection and Easy Transportation :

  • Global network for collecting E-Waste is the hallmark of our brand as one of the best E-Waste company in India. Customized tracking of E-Waste and its mangement. Instatnt collection at various centers and faster disposal of E-Waste.
  • Reduce Pollution with clean technology, Minimal risks to human health.
  • Enviromental responsible recycling
  • Asset Refurbishing to Reduce , Reuse & Recycle, 100% Destruction of confidential Data
  • Reverse Logistic for E-Waste Management & E-Waste recycling in India
  • EPR Implementation for Business Transformation.
  • Brand Safety & Protection by Sustainable Destruction
  • Pioneer of Environmental stewardship and E-Waste recycling in India.

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